Full Time, Year Round Christian Preschool serving children ages 18 months-5 years old. 
Open 7:30AM to 6PM

Cornerstone Kids Preschool

License # C11MD0177

A Ministry of Cornerstone Church: A United Methodist Congregation

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Welcome to Cornerstone Kids Preschool (CKP)!


Cornerstone Kids Preschool is a full-time, full-year Christian based preschool in Cutler Bay located at the Old Cutler Campus of Cornerstone Church at the corner of Marlin and Old Cutler Road.  We are open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm daily, except holidays.  We provide quality care for up to 105 preschool children ages 2-5 years old with Full Day, Lunch Bunch, and Morning Only options. We also provide a Morning Only 18 month-old program.  Our Summer Camp is for children ages 3-6 years old. 

Enrollment is on-going, with most children entering at the beginning of summer or the beginning of the school year in August.  Please schedule a tour with us in the mornings between 9:30-11:30 am.  We are glad you are interested in Cornerstone Kids Preschool. It is a place where laughter soars, discovery abounds and wiggling and giggling are celebrated!

What Makes Cornerstone Kids Preschool So Unique & Special?

Cornerstone Kids Preschool is a fantastic place  for children because we are a ministry of Cornerstone Church.  Our families are always welcome to attend worship if they so desire and CKP children have Chapel once a week on Wednesdays with our Senior Pastor, Pastor Paul Cook.  

Our staff is wonderful.  They are educated and passionate persons who are experiences beyond DCF requirements along with background screening; Lead teachers have a CDA/FCCPC or college degree/coursework in Early Childhood Education and all take 24+ hours of in-service training each year.  Our staff is dedicated to enjoying each day with your child and creating an environment full of discovery and age-appropriate activities.

Our playground has room to run, provides shade under 2 large trees, with planting boxes, and a butterfly garden for exploring. 

Our classrooms have children's creative artwork on the walls and bright windows for the world to shine in. 

Our programming includes family events and projects, as well as music and movement, an introduction to Spanish language learning, and fine motor and large motor daily activities.

CKP is planned with a keen awareness of the special characteristics, needs, interests and way of learning of the preschool child.  With loving teachers, CKP seeks to promote the child's spiritual, physical, intellectual and social-emotional maturity in an atmosphere which reflects basic Christian values.  CKP offers a lower student/teacher ratio with an assistant teacher in every classroom. We provide a loving caring, family-like atmosphere where children are happy to participate in a nurturing learning environment.

It is never too early to teach diversity to our children.  CKP promotes diversity by welcoming all children into our classrooms equally, while also respecting their differences.  We help our students learn that while we have many notable differences on the outside, we also have many similarities.  To further develop, we explore cultural traditions.  We play music with words from different languages, make art projects that introduce concepts from other cultures and read stories that expose students to children from around the world.  Every child is born with creative potential. CKP teachers promote creative development by providing art activities that explore various media and encourage imagination, independence and individuality.

Our School-year Program 

Our calendar follows the Miami-Dade County Public Schools calendar as much as possible.

Children who are 18 months by September 1 of each school year  are in a creative and fun room. Our teacher to child ration is 1:5 with two teachers for a classroom of up to 10 children.  Diapers are provided by the parent.  

Children who are 2 by September 1 of each school year are with 2 teachers in a happy and expansive room which is connected to our bathroom to help and facilitate potty training.  Our teacher to child ratio is 1:6 with two teachers for a classroom of up to 12.  Pull-ups are provided by the parent. 

Children who are 3 by September 1 of each school year must be fully potty-trained upon enrollment and are with 2 teachers for a ratio of 1:8, with a classroom of up to 16 children.  

Children who are 4 by September 1 of each school year will be in our VPK program.  All present a VPK certificate upon enrollment processed through the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade County. Click to register for an account and submit your application: REGISTER HERE FOR VPK.  Our VPK ratio is 1:8.5 with a Lead VPK teacher and assistant for a classroom of up to 17 children.  

Our Curriculum

Our educated and experienced staff use "The Creative Curriculum" for age-appropriate instruction, supported by scholastic, the Wright Phonological Curriculum, the VPK domains and our CKP Chapel curriculum.  Our teachers spend quality time with your child.  We offer Parent/Teacher conferences each year as a way to truly partner with families during these wonderful growing years.  

Other Important Items

Children must bring the following every day:​ 

          * a small nutritional morning snack

          * a lunch of fully prepared food

          * a labeled water bottle

          * a full set of clothes which includes socks, underwear, shorts and a shirt. 

Full Day Students: Preschool children are combined into smaller groups after lunchtime for activities which include playground play, lunch, quiet rest from 2-3:00 pm and free-choice activities. Those resting in the Afternoon must Bring in a small pillow, fitted crib sheet and small blanket weekly.  Please drop it off on Mondays in a white plastic garbage bag with your child's name on it.  Rest items are sent home on Fridays for laundering.

Nutrition: Children bring their own morning snack and lunch.  CKP provides the afternoon snack.  We do not allow sugar based snacks or drinks, nuts or candy.  We are a peanut and peanut-product free school because of children with severe peanut allergies.  Thank you. 

Summer Camp:  Children age 3 to 6 may attend our summer camp and enrollment is possible in the spring.  ​


Our VPK program maintains a high VPK readiness rate in our Cutler Bay area.  We have a well-known, proven reputation in our area public and private kindergartens.  Schools know who the CKP kids are who have graduated from our preschool.  Our VPK classrooms have a ratio of 1 teacher to 8.5 children and a maximum of 17 children per classroom.  The VPK learning requirements are combined using the Creative Curriculum combined with the Wright Phonological Awareness program.  Our children have weekly home learning assignments.  

If You are Interested in Enrolling your child

* Please call us to schedule a tour (305) 235-6654

* Submit our one page enrollment form

* Pay the registration fee as required

* Submit the VPK certificate as required

You will then receive confirmation that your child has a spot held with us for the program you desire and we then give you our Application Packet to complete enrollment.  We are a first come, first served preschool. We do use a waiting list if needed.